Would you like personal online singing lessons ?


     If you live far away from France and you cannot come visit, it is still possible to have a private lesson online with Ecole de chant Magrini !

Lisa Magrini teaches in english, Matias Miceli teaches in english and spanish.



How does it work ?


1) First, let's get in touch !


You can contact me by email : voxvagans@gmail.com

or phone call  :0033 6 59 26 50 10 

or skype : pseudo skype : live:.cid.57b61aa606ef3e1d ou email : lisamagrini@yahoo.ca

or  whatsapp : 0033 (0)6 59 26 50 10


In this first meeting, we will determine what is the best application for you: we work with Skype, Whatsapp and Zoom.

Then we will do a vocal checkup so i can get to know your voice and then determine how we are going to work together on your voice, i will tell you what i hear in you voice, you will tell me what style of music do you want to work on, etc ...



2) Go for it  !

              - You can pay one lesson at the time  :  30 euros for  30 minutes 

                You have to pay the class at least 1 hour before the lesson starts.


Order your singing lesson here :

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3) How to pay : 


                       You can pay by  PAYPAL :

 4 ) Let's start  !


A singing lesson online is exactly like a regular one !


We will start by vocal warm-up, then we will work on your technique. We will also work on musical pieces you want to sing. 


 If you have any questions, just contact me !

See you soon !